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To create this article, 0 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewe times. Learn more Booty clapping, butt clapping or booty bouncing is a hip-hop dance move that literally causes the rear end of the dancer to make a clapping noise. Booty clapping is usually seen in rap videos and in gentleman's clubs.

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They are trying to fix your horribly shaped butt. Enlightened One. Possible answers -They are belittling you -They like dat ass -They want your D. This reminds me of my sophomore year in high school. My science class was standing in a lines at different stations for some such experiment and this cute girl named Alexis was standing behind me. Out of no where she grabs my ass, much to my surprise and horror.

Why horror?

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She had a boyfriend, who happened to be one of my oldest friends by the name of Skyler. And he was standing right in front of me in line. Get it in or go home.

Marry them. Yeah, that's right I said them there an issue? There playing u like a toy, so now u gotta let the toy play with them U get me. They want your ass. With a strapon. She wants you to return the favor with your dick lol.

How to slap an ass

They either like your butt, or are making fun of you and think it's funny. I wouldn't know, as I've never been slapped on my ass other than by my mum with the ol' leather belt I don't understand the female fascination with male ass I mean they can't really do anything with it The Tempun. I once had a girl slap me in the butt, really cute looking girl with a bubble booty.

I still don't know what it meant.

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Well if you're a loser in school then their probably mocking you. Tartan Slap 'em back with a wink. That's sexual harassment.

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File a restraining order and have them socially shunned. JAMES Z It means that you can sue her for sexual harassment. You've been -blam!

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depends on whether she looks annoyed, horny or about to burst into laughter. I had loads do it in school just to take the piss, non of them found me attractive so they just found it funny.

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Pissed me off. I am over the age of AGE. Permanent Ban. You did the right thing by calling your mom.

This is not normal. I was having a great time with my friends we were all drinking and enjoying the night. Some how I was left alone in the living room with one of my friends boyfriend, he came around me and slapped my butt.

I was so shocked and confused, he turn around and asked me to take a shot with him as if what he did was normal. I have the same situation.

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He slapped my butt 11 times and I told him off. Why does this happen?

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Is it okay? How should I take it?

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And the butt-smacks keep coming from a co-worker. Kind of glad to see this answered in a way that makes sense.

My boyfriend likes to spank my ass and he can do it 24*7 if I allow him to. Maybe because I go to gym and have somewhat perfect round shape ass with little fat which makes my butt ek bounce a bit when slapped. I think most of boys like to do it Slap them back. If they're offended, then yea. You're their bitch. If they giggle and/or appreciate, they want you to slap them again with your dick Responding to an Unwanted Ass Slap The dude at the Czech club was showing off for his friends and doing so blatantly in front of mine. Despite our language difference, when I approad him, wagged my finger, and yelled that you can't do that to strangers, he just Author: Samantha Marangell

I for one did not appreciate the butt slap. When I was eleven, I was at a water amusement park in my black, one-piece bathing suit ready to slide down the biggest slide.

I had climbed almost steps and was waiting on a couple of people ahead of me to take their turn.

How to Sensually Spank a Goddess

I was almost to the top of the stairs when I feel a slap on my right butt ek from the guy behind me who appeared to be at least a junior in high school.

I turn around and look at him with a scowled look on my face, saying nothing, and all of the people that looked like they were with him started to laugh. He was with his guy friends and his parents at least I think they were.

I am mixed and he was white.

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My question is, why did he laugh? Was it a dare or some messed up racial thing? Or something else?

Slaps Ass GIFs. facepalm. slap. #booty. #slap. #Butt-Slap. #shaking. #Sasha-Banks   Slap it ass and if he going to attack you well RUUUUUUU-NNN. MEDIC he going get killed if you don't slap TentaSpy ass. your capture by TentaSpy, you think he'll let you slap his ass? YES YOU CAN!! 6. If you a creature like him, use your tentacle to slap his ass hard!!! maghreb-messefrankfurt.coms: 2   Slapping a girl's ass is considered "Sexual Battery" in most States. You guys are lucky she wasn't that pissed and called the cops and had you arrested. Don't ever do that sh*t again! You do NOT touch a girl's ass whom you do not already have proof of intimacy (sexual

I know no one will be able to give a definite answer to those questions but maybe someone can give an answer to this one: What should I have done in this situation? I was in the supermarket in Oahu last night. I was with my husband looking at the eggs and ese and suddenly someone slapped me HARD on the butt.

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I was in shock for a split second because it also hurt. I turned around and it was a little boy, no older than 5 staring straight up at me. no one else around.

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I looked up and his mother was within view walking down the aisle but she said nothing. He walked slowly away not saying a word, then looked back at me again and I gave him another nasty look. If it was a man I would have slapped the s- out of him.

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It was just odd to have a child come up from behind me and slap me hardcompletely umaghreb-messefrankfurt.comovoked. His response was also strange. He simply looked straight at me and walked away.

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