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I was thinking of hanging a piece of carpet on a corner of the wall in the restroom and rubbing up and down on it. Or maybe putting a towel on a broomstick and using that. Any other ideas? Are their people you can hire to do these things for you? Um what the he'll is wrong with u? That's gay to wipe each others butts in the first place then it's been a year so u r probably gonna become his stalker.

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Follow the directions of Step 1 with the reduced paper amountusing increasing pressure with each wipe. Continue until the amount of remnants on the tissue decreases to a small amount.

The paper quantity should now be decreased to one folded square. This really is sufficient.

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Again, repeat the wiping directions from Step 1, but now you should be using significant though not excessive pressure. As you pass over your anus, relax the sphincter muscles and slightly press the pad of your middle finger into the opening, continuing the progression from front to back.

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Repeat this step until there is very little to no remnants transferring onto the paper. Now you are ready for the final cleansing stage. Using a wet wipe, repeat Step until absolutely no remnants remain.

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You may use moist wipes designed for adult bathroom use or baby wipes. This is an oft-ignored step to the wiping process, but one that should never be passed up. In this step, you are ensuring a fresh, thorough clean that is second only to a bath or shower, greatly reducing or eliminating any staining, odor, or itching that may occur later.

You have successfully wiped your butt and may proceed throughout your day with confidence. Three squares should be enough to start.

It's crucial to remain seated. Proper pressure and finger placement.

Front to back, ladies! Two squares is all you'll need now. Be sure to ck your progress.

How to wipe my ass

All you'll need now is one square. Don't be afraid to enter, just a little.

MASTERCLASS - How to Wipe your Ass

Or, you can skip the fancy products and go straight for liquefied witch hazel, suggests Graedon, who says it's aper and just as effective. After your usual wiping, add a few drops to a small wad of toilet paper-just enough to dampen it-and give your butt a final wipe.

You may not be clean on a microscopic level, Graedon says, but a witch hazel cleanse ensures "far less bacterial contamination.

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As with the rest of your body, the shower is the best opportunity to really clean your butt. And no, cleaning doesn't mean just letting the water run down your back and between your crack like a lazy river.

  get mille to wipe it for you. or hillary. heck any of your yes men would do it and love it! 0 1. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. wipe it on floor. or if want to access deeper use bicycle type of saddle to wipe. 1 2. Stranger. 1 decade ago. I am starting to wonder how much **** you produce if you are that fat   The wiping process starts with one major down-wipe, from back-to-balls, bringing everything down to the bottom of the driveway. Then, on wipe #2, you swipe back up, taking your base pile and everything else along the way with it. This strategy usually only requires total wipes   The Best Way to Wipe Your Butt, According to the Experts GIVE UP WET WIPES. For starters, Asbury recommends that people stop using the pre-moistened cloths, which are heavily INVEST IN A BIDET. Asbury is an advocate of the standalone or add-on toilet accessory that squirts a spray of water TRY

It also doesn't mean grabbing any old bar of soap and gliding it lightly between the eks. It's not that simple.

Look for words like "sensitive" or "gentle" as you select which soaps will be used specifically for taking care of things below the belt. It's also best to use a hand-held shower head for direct, up-close cleansing. If you prefer a washcloth or loofa, it's fine to get between the eks, but again, remember not to be too vigorous with your motions. It's best to make sure you're washing this regularly because it's your butthole we're talking about here.

Wipe with the pointer, middle, and ring fingers of your acting hand under the toilet paper. Have your middle finger slightly raised with your pointer and ring fingers resting partially behind. Proper pressure and finger placement. Use moderate pressure and wipe at a cautious speed from front to back

No matter which method you choose, getting the soap to a lather and washing or gently scrubbing should take care of most of the debris. And from there, cking things out, toweling off, and wiping correctly should all solve the problem.

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Don't Believe the 'Performance Beer' Hype. Butthole visibility is at an all-time high, so make sure that it's groomed and fresh Here's how to wipe right and make sure your is - well, just peachy.

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