Is coco s ass real senseless

I think Ice-T is prolly mollatto if that's how ya spell it. And no, I don't think that CoCo's butt is real. I think that because, c'mon, she was a PORN STAR for christ's sake Nothing on porn star's is real. Usually porn stars start out stripping, so they have money from the get-go And instead of spending their "hard-earned" money on investments and real-estate, they either spend it on plastic surgery to make them look "hotter" in turn making them more money OR drugs to give them the "numbness" to be able to take their clothes off for weird men. But I really am not sure about Ice-T.

He is a high yellow black man. One of his parents may have been white or high yellow.

He is defently black. I don't know anything about coco's butt.

simply excellent

No he is not white, you from the looks of it no his wife's butt is fake, just like everything Else on her body! everything on coco's body is fake excpet her nose and ice t is not white he is of el salvadorian descent lite skin.

really. All above

No hes not. and not one thing on her body is real anyone can see that.

  Favorite Answer. I think Ice-T is prolly mollatto (if that's how ya spell it). And no, I don't think that CoCo's butt is real. I think that because, c'mon, she was a PORN STAR for christ's sake. Nothing on porn star's is real. Usually porn stars start out stripping, so they have money from the get-go fullscreen. Ice-T: Coco's Booty Is Real, Haters! So many people think Ice's wife has butt implants that he's decided to take to take it as a backhanded compliment. Share. URL. Embed   Dr. Chris Johnson proved Coco's butt is real. Anders Krusberg/ Warner Bros. "Based on anatomy and the muscles - there are three muscles there, I can feel them all. There's not an implant Author: Jean Bentley

she is the fakest person i have ever seen she looks like a washed out barbie doll just all plastic. Trending News.

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  This was also back before the plastic surgery craze," she continued, referring to the now incredibly popular Brazilian butt lift. See Coco's sexiest pics, Beth Shilliday   Towards the end of his performance he brings CoCo's lusciousness onstage and wants everyone to know her fat ass is real. He goes in for a grab to prove it. That ass jiggles around like three squirrels dancing in a bowl of jelly beans. Damn, I'm jealous   Her ass isn't fake, The have done multiple ultra sounds and x-rays to prove it. The bottom picture is when she was like years old. She is now like 5 and has been doing HIGH weight lifting to build her ass up like that over the years. & that line under her butt, most women that actually have an ass get that crease

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  Ice T's big-booty boo-thang CoCo has been questioned about the authenticity of her larger-than-life body parts for years and now she's finally speaking out to set the record straight. She recently stopped by Ear Candy Mornings radio while making her round to promote the latest season of Ice Loves Coco and kept it real about going under the knife when the host put her on the spot Coco Austin Says Her Butt Is Real, Twerks It Like A Pro (VIDEO) Coco Austin had just about enough of those butt implant rumors and she's here to tell you - her famous derriere is real. Ice T's voluptuous lady went on " The Real " this week to disprove the pesky rumors for the umpteenth time, and had all the show's hosts touch her rear to see just how real it feels   Coco Austin plastic surgery is a mere realization of truth and rumors. Coco Austin's voluptuous breast is fake, a work of plastic surgery, but Coco's larger than life butts are real, at least that's what she said. Despite a clear statement from Coco Austin, it's hard to comprehend the truth about her 'larger than life' butts

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Coco Settles Booty Debate Once and For All on 'The Doctors' - The Results

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