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We know how our bodies work and we have definitely found out how to push our own buttons quite literally down to a tee, and of course we want our men to be able to do exactly the same thing. Oral sex - for a woman - is great, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, mind-blowing if you get it right. Unfortunately, we can only assume that some blokes have been told what to do by the Jay of the group. Fear ye not gents. Trust me, the proof is in the pudding. Basically, the tension should be unbearable, in a damn good way.


Want to make her have a mind-blowing orgasm? Okay, think of it this way. Your tongue is made of metal and her clitoris is a magnet. Nothing else.

Thanks a million for the undoubtedly lesson here. My wife is always asking me to lick well and am sure I got a full package henceforth.

Thanks again. Girl is a hooker who I see a lot Very hard to make her come Sometimes can eat her for minutes with no results Any tips.

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From my experiences it all depends on the woman. They are not machines so there is no one method that absolutely works for all of our Queens.

Use your hands Sure, during oral sex, your mouth's gonna be doing the majority of the work but don't just lie there with your head between her legs flickin' your tongue like a bloody snake. You've got limbs remember. Don't forget how important erogenous zones are (the places on your body that give On the other hand, if dirty talk is what gets your woman all hot and bothered, and you're not letting her have it - step it up! [Read: 2 sexy tips to talk dirty and say the dirtiest things in bed] #5 Give her a head start. Or in this case - a hard start! Welcoming her mouth with a standing ovation will let her know how sexy and desired About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators

To me there are no better feelings than when; 1. a woman just totally concedes and gives herself to you trusting you will safely take her on a round trip to ecstasy n back, 2.

making her cum n feel appreciated n wanted during n after sex. Theres no view more majestic n beautiful than that of a woman completely satisfied just laying there rubbing her body n legs all over the bed sheets as shes coming back down off her sexual high.

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Switch from the dirty to cleaner lines like how good her tongue feels down there, how it feels when her lips kiss and lock around your member, or talk about how good it feels when her hands caress you down there. Or in this case - a hard start!

Welcoming her mouth with a standing ovation will let her know how sexy and desired she is.

If your girl is not up to giving you a BJ right off the bat, play it smart and include oral sex in your foreplay. Knowing that sucking you off is not necessarily the only way for you to orgasm eliminates a lot of the pressure and makes her feel more confident and in control.

Brush their hair Without totally fucking up their waves, it's always nice to give the hair a few gentle swoops. It's like the prequel to getting serviced. Rather than just pushing their head down and giving them a neck injury, lightly comb your hand through their locks "Blow job"Video continue +Alkaline - Hot blond babe gives a lucky man a blow job No, I'm just kidding. This is just a psychological experiment to see how many perverts are on youtube:D It loo

She will be more comfortable with having your penis in her mouth and more open to experiment. With time and encouragement, those shaky seconds can and will turn into full-on blowjobs for both, yours and her pleasure!

And how are you in bed? A tad too selfish?

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Think it through and remember that a grateful and horny woman is far more generous than just a horny one. And more inventive. And dedicated.

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And basically everything you want her to be. Then again, having someone thrust it into your mouth like he wants to make a puree out of your brain is not a dream come true either. Try squirty cream, edible lubricants, tasty toppings, body paint, or even ice cream. It works great as long as both of you are feeling adventurous.

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Suggest that she uses a vibrator or dildo on herself while playing with you. Who says BJs are all about your pleasure?

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Make her feel good too. Do this right and the simple realization of how much your pleasure can increase by changing her technique will no doubt make her a star student.

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Ask her about her favorite spots. Bad tasting cum is a huge turn off. Too much protein - meat and dairy, alcohol, coffee, broccoli, nuts and seeds, greasy and deep-fried foods, beans, onion, garlic, cigarettes and the absolute champion - asparagus.

Hot babe give head

How to fix this? The fastest way is pineapple - lots and lots of pineapple and pineapple juice.

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Also, drink a lot of water, eat melons, apples, celery, cinnamon and fresh fruit. There are also sperm taste supplements available on the market if you want to go that way! Not only that, she may not want to try it again, out of fear of reliving the same failure.

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A little gratitude goes a long way. Now off you go, to your new and fab life full of sexual pleasures! Liked what you just read?

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