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i was wondering why theres only horse on girl porn how would you have sex with A mare in A safe way for your genetals. Most mares probably won'T tolerate you touching their privates so I suggest you wait until she is in heat and literally pushes her as in your face. this happens about one up to several times a year and lasts for several days. But I have to say that you should only do that with your own horse and don't force it on her. If you succeed with these tips and have fun consider writing to me streirqgooglemail.

  A mare is relatively easy to penetrate. I would suggest tho that you try to masturbate her with your hand first to get her used to it. Most mares probably won'T tolerate you touching their privates

Another sign is detectable in the sound that the penis and vagina generate. This effectively shortens the passage. In a pony or miniature horse this can prevent full penetration even by a human. As the mare becomes excited, the vagina will distend and louder sucking noises may occur.

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At this point it needs to be said that there will be days when your equine partner may permit you to have intercourse, but she will show little or no arousal no matter how hard you try to excite her. On those days she is taking you as a favor and there is no shame in accepting the favor.

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The same situation occurs between human couples and this is no different here. Be grateful that she likes you enough to do this and just enjoy it. Finally a word about vibrators.

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Ponies are often too small to use your arm, but you would like something larger than your standard equipment.

Dildo vibrators can be handy in this case, as well as with larger mares. I recommend the soft jelly filled, waterproof type. While you are getting ready, leave the vibrator or dildo in the bucket of warm water. This will make it feel more like the real thing, as mares and stallions are very sensitive to temperature.

How to fuck a mare

Before inserting it, coat it with your lubricant. I have not found vibrators to be a magical turn-on for mares, but at least some of them seem to enjoy the feeling.

With mares in estrus the vibrator seems to be more welcome, and I have known one mare to repeatedly impale herself onto one held at the appropriate level. On the other hand, do not expect to use a vibrator to make up for the courting and flirting described earlier. Finally, remember that becoming accomplished at pleasuring a mare requires practice and patience, and the development of a mutual trust with the mare. It may take years to get to the point that you really know how to please a particular mare, but the journey is pleasant in the extreme.

Start with a deep respect for the mare and for the great privilege you have in being with her. Do not regard her as an object that you own, nor as an "animal" or inferior being, but as a very special lady from a different species. If you do this, you will find that she is much more aware of your feelings than you would have believed, and you can enjoy one of the most pleasurable of all relationships to say nothing of some incredible sexual experiences.

She will become your true mate. ERS ALL Locoluv Citizen of Zooville. Very valuable information for us under educated in Loving Mares completely.

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Thank you so much for sharing. mareguy Tourist.

Great info and very accurate in my experience too. Thanks again. ZetaGirl Zooville Settler. This is the exact information I've come here for. CetaceanLover2 Esteemed Citizen of ZV. I found this very helpful.

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Thank you. Zoo Tourist. Very accurate! I've never taken a vibrator to a mare, but I'd really like to see how they'd react now haha.

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Thanks for sharing. Glad to help. if you need advice, just ask. Last edited: Oct 17, mareman Tourist. any advice on best soap to use for the job of a pre-clean. Rugbyman Tourist. I love mares xx. mareguy said:. mareman said:.

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Sie pornolecken Muschilesbian asslickinglesbis video. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Well you gotta make sure that the horse doesn't kick you.

That's about everything. A mare is relatively easy to penetrate.

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I would suggest tho that you try to masturbate her with your hand first to get her used to it. Thats the theorie anywayz, I haven't tested most of it though. And don't consider getting a horse just for sex. It's an animal after all and not just some sex toy. As for anyone who's like Ohh no thats soo gross.

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Well it's not :P If it's consensual and the animal doesn't get hurt it's ok. actually without a little sodomy we might not even exist: When our species diverged from other ape species they began interbreeding causing further divergion wiki article about animal sexual behavior Enjoy yourself sincerely Adenylatcyclase.

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