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Learn more The relationship between cousins can be very close and deep.

Maybe you were very close but have grown apart because of physical distance, a misunderstanding, or even problems within your family. No matter what circumstance, you can get your cousin to like you and turn the relationship into something that is meaningful for both of you.

This could be as simple as friending them on Facebook, or as elaborate as sending them a letter. Then, suggest spending some time together outside of family gatherings.

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Talk with your cousin and listen to what they have to say. This will show them that you are serious about them and your relationship.

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Once you have reestablished contact with your cousin, be consistent in your communications. This does not mean you have to respond to messages or calls immediately, but having regular contact will build trust between you.

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Show them that their interests and problems are important to you. Sharing secrets with one another will also help gain your cousin's trust.

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Just make sure not to tell anyone their secrets because this may lead to conflict. Reach out to them.

Re-establishing contact with your cousin will put you on the right path to gaining their trust and getting them to like you. Keep your first messages simple so that you do not overwhelm your cousin. There are different ways to reach out to your cousin, including a letter, an email, or a phone call. Social media is also an option: You could friend your cousin on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. Even this small gesture helps pave the way for further communication.

Start with a simple message, such as, "We used to be so close and I have missed you. It would be great to be in contact more frequently if you like. Be respectful and flexible. Make your cousin feel comfortable and relaxed when you are talking or spending time together. Being respectful of them and flexible in your own behavior will help gain their trust and get them to like you more. Taunting or tattling on them or telling their secrets to others is also a sign of disrespect.

Meet each other at a non-family gathering. Avoid doing this at a family gathering, however, which can be very stressful and exacerbate problems. Keep your first meetings simple. Suggest coffee, lunch, a movie, or sporting event.

You can meet for longer periods once you have had a chance to see each other in shorter spans.

Part 2 of Find commonalities. A good way to build your friendship with your cousin and get them to truly like you is to find your commonalities. These will give you a starting point for your interactions. But if you keep your contact consistent and ask them questions about their life, you are likely to find things that both of you have in common, from something as simple as personality traits to similar hobbies.

You could set up a match against one another or follow their Pinterest boards. You can use not having many commonalities to benefit both of you. This may give each of you a different way to look at the world or introduce you to new activities that you enjoy.

Talk and laugh often.

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Talking to your cousin as often as your sdules permit will build your relationship significantly. By keeping your conversations positive and light, you will laugh often and strengthen your relationship even more. You can find different ways to stay in touch with your cousin on websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The prevalence of cell phones has made it easier to send text messages. Online video chatting, through applications like Skype or FaceTime, also make it easy to stay in touch in a much more personal way. Remember to stay positive and respectful.

Do not insult or willingly hurt your cousin.

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If you do accidentally hurt her, apologize and move on. Do fun activities together.

Spending and having a good time together at different activities helps not only build your relationship, but also trust. Everyone loves a person who makes others feel happy. Be flexible in what you do. But being flexible will help build your relationship. Your cousin should be as respectful of your choices, too. Make sure to spend time together outside of family gatherings.

They can often be stressful and create unwanted drama in relationships. Show genuine interest in them. Listen to what your cousin says and draw on threads from conversations in your interactions with them. This shows that you pay attention to what they say and are genuinely interested in them and your relationship.

Part of Stay in contact. My 1st cousin and I were little kids that became curiouser and did the big NO NO. at seven then were not allowed to play together again until we were and dating other people. She was dating a prears kid and I was with a Devoute Catholicgirl.

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To all those saying it's wrong and frowned upon. Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Royalties of many nations, etc. If you're going to point out the risk of birth defects in your children, then fine, that's a valid point but don't go around saying it's disgusting. There's nothing disgusting about it - it's just that we're merely conditioned to think it is.

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