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Miami News. Vigil Held For Christine Englehardt, Woman Drugged, Raped And Found Dead In Miami Beach Hotel Room A vigil for Christine Englehardt, the woman who was found dead inside a South Beach hotel room was held Friday afternoon. Boy, 7, Bitten By Shark In Shallow Water Off Fort Lauderdale Beach A seven-year-old boy is recovering Friday after being bitten by a shark off Fort Lauderdale beach. PIX: Massive Anaconda Gets Physical Exam At Zoo Miami. Miami Sports.

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PIX: Massive Anaconda Gets Physical Exam At Zoo Miami. Miami Sports.

Canes Miami Hurricanes. Hornets Hold On To Beat Heat Malik Monk scored 2 points, Terry Rozier had 26 points and a career-high 11 assists.

and the Charlotte Hornets handed the Miami Heat their sixth straight loss, on Friday night. Dolphins Make Flurry Of Trades, Now Picking 6th In April's NFL Draft Dolphins general manager Chris Grier was busy on Friday making several moves as the team readies for the NFL Draft. PIX: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Celebrate Super Bowl 55 Win. Tracking The Tropics. Taste Of The Town: Cerveceria La Tropical Serving Up Craft Beer And A Taste Of Old Cuba In Wynwood Cerveceria La Tropical serves up craft beer and delicious tastes of old Cuba, in the heart of Wynwood.

Disney Testing Facial Recognition Tech For Park Entry Disney is testing facial recognition technology.

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Tickets are now on sale for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, which returns May 20 - 2, with new standards to their familiar motto: Eat, Drink, Educate and Support Local. Taste Of The Town: Milin-Starred Italian Restaurant, Carbone, Comes To South Beach Carbone Miami is the sister restaurant of the original in New York which has been called the most influential American restaurants of the last decade.

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ck your picks now. Virgin Islands but you can fly and tourism is turning around, even with the cruise ship business dead in the water for now. CBS4 News On Air. Categories: NewsCrimeLocal NewsWFORTV.

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com Weather Your Desk 11PM CBS4 News chief meteorologist Craig Setzer's weather outlook for South Florida. Boy, 7, Recovers From Shark Bite A seven-year-old boy is recovering after a shark bit his hand off Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Vigil Held For Christine Englehardt, Woman Drugged, Raped And Found Dead In Miami Beach Hotel Room Candles and flowers now sit in front of the Albion Hotel in Miami Beach, in memory of Pennsylvania tourist Christine Englehardt. Hialeah High School Tear Jeanette Barbara Valle-Tejeda Facing Sexual Abuse Charges Involving Students A Hialeah High School tear is accused of sexual abuse charges involving minors.

Iconic Shelborne Miami Beach Hotel Smacked By COVID Pandemic CBS4's Hank Tester reports on Shelbrone Miami Beach and how the coronavirus pandemic has affected them. Orlando Congresswoman Discusses Possible Gubernatorial Run U. Stay on the right path the bad will be punished it looks like bad people always win but that's just wrong because you do not see the bad people all the time.

I hope this story will end up good. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. how old are you? you seem kinda lost in all of this too. I see your underage also! make sure he goes to jail because that's what he deserves for sleeping with your younger sister! I knew what was right from wrong at at 10! unless she was really raped as in he forced her. I think your whole family needs counseling to deal with this to tell you the truth.

setck67 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 6. lol anything over the 6 month rule is automatic jail time if charged and found guilty in a court of law. Your sister must be a major slut to get pregnant though at I mean unless he really raped her not statutory, but real rape.

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Show All Show Less. Exactly, she's old enough to know right from wrong. I don't think it's very much true that he raped your sister. Yes, he could have gotten her pregnant, but I don't seriously think so. She could've just had sex with him. No big deal except she's a minor and he's not.

One little girl wasn't up for sharing her dad, so whenever her mom tried to hold his hand, she peeled it away to replace with her own. TODAY's Hoda Kotb has the Morning Boost. Nov. 27, Little girl gives year-old widower new lease on life When year-old Dan Peterson lost his wife, he fell into a deep depression. He was ready to give up on life until a 4-year-old stranger Should parents allow their teens to have sex in the home?

ambermarie Xper 5. if ur parents press charges then ya he's going to prison for stagitory rape. PrettyBlack Xper 4. listenin now that he's in jail ya need 2 4 get bout him and you and ur sister need ya family suppose rite now exspeacially ur little sis because she a little girl no matter what happened ya probably b better off if ya get sum counseling ALWAYS REMEMBER!

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stay 2gether as a family and ya will get through dis always 4 give but never 4 get! C wuz here!

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neberle 9 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. I find it interesting when people get to the shady edges of life the nastiness comes out. Some of these answers have such hostility. Regaurdless of who did wrong using dirty names and saying someone deserves something for something they did based of the story of a a girl who is by the way under Treat yourself and others with some respect people.

I don't see american police just brushing this one under the carpet. and I notice you still call him your boyfriend?

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NO he is not my boyfriend still. bersaba Xper 6. That's called rape. Even if she "consented", she's underage and it's statutory rape. Tell the police. starglazer Xper 5.

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Yup his is going to jail and call the cops on him and ask your sister what happened from her point of view. Don't just get upset assuming that she just took him from you, he might have tricked her or something worse. That's so disgusting.

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Tipu0March 62 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. He deserve thats suits most for this act.

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Kass 91 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Both your boyfriend and sister were in the wrong unless it was rape, and I mean actual rape. Ur sister is old enough to know what she's doing and is a horrible person for doing it.

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mattkevin Xper 4. He's the same age as me Oh well I do pray for the best at the end, especially your sister Crazycanuck 96 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic.

The cops useally take this sort of case very seirouslly so yeah he's going to prison plus with what he did to your sister Bubba and Tiny are going to have fun with him He didn't "at" with her; her molested her.

She is incapable of giving consent at her age. She is still a child. And yes, he should go to prison. sarahjohnston09 Xper 5. You know that if she was indeed pregnant you they could have tested the baby even after it was rejected to see if it was his.

So I think you are lieing.

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Standingpretty opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. I'm so sorry this happend to you and I hope you come out of this stronger! What a loser, he deserves to rot in jail! I hope all turns all well for you and your sister. enlightenment opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. I think you would have to make sure the authorities know what happened for him to get charged.

variant, yes

But yeah, he could def. do jail time if he gets found out. Sorry girl!

excellent idea

ya call and report it to the police. hopefully she keeps the baby or gives it up for adoption the child shouldn't be punished for another child's mistake! mibingha1 Xper 4. Well he is only in jail for the robbery not my sister.

trukita opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. If he is reported to the police, then he'll go to jail. If no one tells the police, then no one will know. victoriaa Xper 4. wanacot 1. Yes, call the police. I know of nowhere where a 1 year old can consent to sex legally.

hugapug1 Xper 4. he's for sure going to jail.

That counts as sexual assault because she is a minor. he should go to jail because legally he raped her shes only 1 she probably didn't even understand completely.

I saw this on FML dot com! Except it was the boy talking.

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lol not kidding, today I saw it. Sarina Xper 4. thats pretty messed up, I'm sorry to hear that but yea, he can go to jail because of it.

rape or not she's 1 and he is a grown man. he has self control or at least should for his age. We'll I'm not sure if your story is true or not, but if it is, that guy deserves jail time indeed. FutureSoldier Xper 5. Duh he is going to jail for pretty much rape. RissieSue15 Xper 4. i wish you and your family all the best!

wow, that's rough. but keep in mind your sister also slept with him. it's not one way. DemsBones Xper 4.

Yet, little has changed. Man Accused Of Trying To Have Sex With A 9-Year-Old Girl. Sponsored By. Categories: News, Crime, Local News, WFORTV. CBS Miami's Donna Rapado reports The answer to your question is yes quite simply or there is a place that I don't know of that lets 1 year old legally have sex. Where I come from anyone who is over the legal age to have sex (16) is responsible enough to take the responsibility of finding out whether or not the person they want to have sex with is also over the legal age and if they are not they can report it and the one who Little girl soothes horse in viral video A little girl from Texas was caught on camera soothing a horse, and the video of her calming the gentle giant has gone viral

this seems fake to me. Hey crazy stuff happens a lot. This is America after all. Titi18 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. babykarp Xper 4. buckbo Xper. wow who does that. beat your sister. igirl Xper .

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