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Female video game characters have come a long way. However, as video games became more and more popular, female characters finally broke free of their helpless maiden role and became interesting, well rounded characters in their own right. From blotchy buns of pixels to photorealistic D models, some of these characters have been entertaining players in more ways than one for over 0 years. Juliet Starling is the embodiment of pretty much every fetish and kink you can think of. Proving that even in the future people are still probably going to be obsessed with putting a pretty face to their computer characters, Cortana is an AI construct from the Halo series.

Dealing with subjects such as marriage, infidelity and maturation - the game presents players with a relatable conflict often unexplored in most mainstream games.

The HOTTEST FEMALE characters in gaming

At the heart of that conflict is Catherine. Catherine is an absolute bombshell with a pixie kind of personality that makes this hard decision that much easier - especially on the eyes. Mortal Kombat is synonymous with gore and all things unseemly.

But the franchise has offered fans something other than blood and guts. Though not common, the series has produced quite a few lookers. So the list of suitable ladies really narrows down when you take that into consideration.

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Daughter of Sonia Blade and Johnny Cage, Cassie has inherited the best of both her parents. With the first game having been released back inthe Dead or Alive series has been around for over twenty years.

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In that time, Kasumi has become something of a mascot for the series. Her gentle demeanor, along with her kickass fighting skills, make her perfectly capable of putting a smile on your face or dropping you like a fly should the need arise.

Of course, the Xtreme series has gained some attention due to its more liberal dress code. Another zombie game heroine takes up the next spot on our list.

Equipped with a magical chainsaw and the decapitated head of her boyfriend, Juliet goes to town on whatever unfortunate horde of undead she happens to come across. Wearing the typical erleader ensemble, she can definitely melt some hearts. Or tear, rip or gouge them.

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Either or. The Mass Effect series offers players the chance to woo all kinds of women, from space marines to colonial alien species. Out of all of them though, Miranda Lawson is the most enticing. Coming off as a bit standoffish and somewhat patronizing, Miranda was first introduced in Mass Effect 2 and, despite her initial introduction, became a pretty enjoyable character.

Equipped with a skin-tight white and black combat suit that only adds to her charm, Miranda knows how to handle herself in a fight and is also a capable leader. She might not be much of a major player within the game, but Cidney Aurum definitely proved to be one of the most memorable characters of the recently released Final Fantasy XV.

The game designers made it extra hard for us to turn our attention away from this alluring grease monkey. Is it a horribly disfigured face?

10 Of The Hottest Video Game Girls March 2, Female video game characters have come a long way. Once used primarily as damsels in distress, the fairer sex wasn't exactly well represented when it came to the early days of this new interactive medium Top 25 Hottest Video Game Girls of All Time. Published on October 21, , by Steve Jenkins - Posted in Features Yes. We realize it's a lofty goal. Selecting the 25 sexiest female video game characters of all time. Even back in the "early days" of gaming, female characters played a major role in games Top 50 Hottest Female Video Game Characters 2. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider). Lara Croft is possibly one of the most famous video game girls out there, appearing in all . 2B (NieR: Automata). When Nier: Automata came out in , people just could not

An alien subspecies? The pixilated graphics might not have emphasized it, but she was a looker too. Samus Aran has been a mainstay in the gaming landscape for decades, establishing herself as one of its most dependable female standouts.

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Right off the bat, Triss is something of a suspicious character as her actions seem to be driven by ulterior motives. However as the series progresses, these get more and more diluted between her ambitions and her genuine feelings of compassion and kindness.

Her fiery red hair and pale skin accentuate her beauty, along with the subtle air of danger and deception that follow her around. Tifa is the ultimate childhood friend character.

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She owns a bar, can take on all sorts of enemies and unlike most characters in the Final Fantasy mythos fights with her bare hands. With her long dark hair, fair facial features and gentle yet firm personality, Tifa has a special place in most fans hearts.

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The often defacto number one choice finders herself on the number two spot of our list. For years, Lara Croft has been revered as the most attractive woman gaming has to offer.

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In fact, her current iteration might be her best yet, as she continues to appeal to fans both new and old while continuously looking good in the process. And so here we are.

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Finally, the number one spot on our list. You can make a case for any of the previous fourteen women on this list as to why they should take the top spot, but ultimately it belongs to one woman and one woman alone. Where to start. The accent, the boots, the outfit? She definitely knows how to entice those around her.

With immense powers and a cool and collected personality, Bayonetta is one of the most awe inspiring heroines of the last decade. Home Lists Top 15 Hottest Women In Video Games.

By Adriano Valente Published Mar 05, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Julia Kiran is a Swedish female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player that goes by the name juliano. Injuliano joined the female European CS:GO team WeRunThisPlace, which is a part of the Team Secret organization.

Julia is easily one of the most successful female gamers in the world and one of the hottest in our books. Brandi is an American female gamer that goes by the game tag DizzyKitten. However, DizzyKitten is probably best known for her ASMR-centric streams and her adorable cosplay outfits. Kristen Michaela is a Canadian female gamer, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer that goes by the game tag: KittyPlays.

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She has over 1 million followers on Twitch TV and oversubscribers on YouTube. Kristen plays a variety of games, including Overwatch, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2. She played for the Carolina Core during the Championship Gaming Series and participated in the World Cyber Games. Kat is still ranked as 2 among the top female players in esports and is definitely one of the hottest female gamers out there.

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Kelsie is a Canadian female gamer and a League of Legends Twitch Streamer that goes by the name KayPeaLoL. She has more thanfollowers on her Twitch channel an subscribers on her YouTube channel KayPea. Kelsie is a main mid, and her top champions are Lux, Brand, and Ahri. Lia Valentine is a female gamer that hails from England and plays under the name SSSniperwolf.

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She plays a variety of games, including Call of Duty: Black OpsDestiny, Fortnite: Battle Royale, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and GTA Online. Lia has made a name for herself on YouTube, generating a whopping Tara Babcock is an American gamer, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer who grew up in Seattle, Washington.

She is also a model, a former columnist for Impulse Gamer, and was also a former host of ZoominGames. Tara plays a variety of games, including Super Mario, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Call of Duty, and reviews new games and gaming gear on her YouTube channel.

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Tara is not only one of the hottest female gamers, but she is also one of the highest-earning female gamers out there. Fortnite first came out inand it has since become a staple amongst Millenials. The survival game, in which players drop onto an island and fight to the death, has a lot of good.

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Best Fortnite Weapons to Win You the Game: Pick Your Poison Fortnite first came out inand it has since become a staple amongst Millenials.

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